Hold tight and sink


Platform Theatre [2017]

‘Hold tight and sink’ is a surrealist performance piece, a tragicomic moving postcard of an archetypal British beach.

It brings alive Donald McGill’s seaside postcards depicting the decline of Britain’s beach holiday heyday, and examines the idea that Brexit was in part propelled by a nostalgia for a place nobody really wants to go back to.

The piece is set on a metaphorical beach, with a desolate atmosphere – the air is thick, the light is gloomy, and there is a feeling that things have gone astray. People perform everyday actions but are overcome with anxiety; we see a lifeguard who is emotionally unstable, a woman working out hysterically, an ice cream seller lacking motivation, an anally retentive picnic couple. Do they know why they are there? Where they are going? Are they lost?

As EU citizens that have chosen to make the UK our home for many years now, we were overwhelmed with concern after the June referendum last year. We asked ourselves how this tendency towards isolationism might affect minor aspects of our everyday life, whether it would change the air around us.

A theatre performance by Noemi Gunea and Sacha Plaige | with Theo Spiridon, Martina Conti, Yana Lyapunova, Grace Strickland de Souza, Erik Lintunen, Grace Lambert, Roni Yaniv, Maryam Nazari, Chensy Guan, Noemi Gunea |sound design Erik Lintunen | light design Leslie Yao | set and costume design Isabella Bussoni and Veronika Angloher